Brighten Up Your Passion : Colorful Portable Pitbox Custom Painted by BigBoysPlamo

Hey Boys!! Great news, we now offer custom painted Portable Pitbox to color up your life. 
All the pitbox are brand new with custom colors of your choice available. 
Choose the color of your choice to spice your passion with the hobby .

Colors available are:
Candy Red
Candy Blue
Sky Blue
Apple Green
Pearl White

You can match the colors up with a rear box of original Black or Pearl White of the back box.

Prices of new pitbox of custom colors as of above are :

1 Set ( 2 mini box) - RM 250
1 single mini box  - RM 150

We also offer custom paint job and airbruhes of any graphic that you like . Please contact us for more details for custom works. 

TamiyaMini4wd : Corner Weight

Hey boys. How's your racing been going on ? Nowadays there is plenty of races every week and every weekend on fortnight around town. Today, We would like to share some race secrets that , MANY racers neglected the effect of this setup, thinking that these instrument and setup is not advisable.

But remember, at BigBoys, We always tune our cars, be it TamiyaMini4wd, R/C etc based on real race cars concept. They say talk is cheap and walk your talk. We have raced races in Sepang International Circuit, in National Autocross Races, and mostly on Podiums finished. Lets not brag more about this.

Today we will discuss a simple concept of corner weights into TamiyaMini4wd .

I still remember when I put a dead weight on my TamiyaMini4wd car, that someone in BigBoysRacing said to me 'aaahhh, buang je benda tu , tak payah pakai'. Hahaha. Well, maybe that someone is used to winning races with his setup that I on the other hand is always tuning my cars be it real race cars, R/C and even TamiyaMini4wd on real race cars concept. Why? Because the fundamental of physics is basically the same, its just its all being played in different scale. In TamiyaMini4wd we have it in 1/32 scale. In R/C it could be 1/8, 1/10, 1/12..based on most played chassis size around nation and around the world.

Ok. What is corner weight? We will explain in very straight and easy to understand concept for your understandings.

Corner weight is a measure to scale the particular car's weight on every side of the wheels. We have front-right, front-left, rear-right, rear-left. Why corner weight is different to scale a car on its overall weight? Because the weight distribution of the car, on every side of the wheels is different,depending the type of modification made to the car, positioning of engine, positioning of power transmission (gears), front and rear frps, type of gears used, chassis type, wheel type, and all the wheel bearings , it all comes into factor. But the most that will effect the corner weight of the car, in TamiyaMini4wd is:

1) Chassis Type
2) Transmission positioning ( e.g SII transmission shaft is on right side, while SXX is on the left, and MA/MS is in the midde while not using a propeller shaft)
3) Engine positioning ( MA & MS is in the middle, while SFM in the front and the rest is mostly in the rear)
4) Battery Positioning ( MA/MS is on equal left & Right divided by the engine in the middle between two batteries, AR is unique as the batteries will be coming from the bottom, and SuperII is a narrow chassis and batteries is very closely next to each other. 

The best race car is a well balanced car. A well balanced race car is mostly stable. Which is there will be less or no understeer/oversteer at all. Is a power to weight ratio should be balanced? not necessary as most race cars is very light but power is very astonishing with the weight that is light they are carying.

So , corner weight is used to :

* Properly balance out the power output to all the 4 wheels on the cars,
* To adjust understeering/oversteering of the car. 

Most race cars will go for a all- wheel weight balanced as its a most common type and understeer and oversteer is minimized, with the power on all wheels is consistently delivered and received to the wheels and thus to the track surfaces. Thus reducing power loss on a particular side of the car.

While on single jumps, the car, of which had been corner weight balanced, will jumps nicely on all wheels. A best concept to know this is to watch a R/C buggy jumps. When the particular racers brakes while on air, on straights, the cars will move downwards, and when he throttles on, the cars, will move upwards to say 15-30/45 degree depending on the throttle. And a good corner weight will help out the car in having a jump which is straight enough. and now downwards at a particular wheel point. Most of the times, YOU WILL NOT NOTICE as the cars, are small and its fast right?

* the example above from the r/c is subject to the differential oil setup / damping & shock rebound rate. In the case of TamiyaMini4wd, corner weights, and dampers is vital during jumps too to make the adjustment accordingly.

Corner weight is also can help out your car in minimizing understeer, and oversteer indirectly. Since tamiyamini4wd has many chassis type of front engine, mid engine, rear engine, weight distribution, and power transmission to the wheels are also different. In R/C understeer, and oversteer is mostly done by adjusting the camber setup, spring height and also the differential oil. to have a r/c car to have more transmission power on the rear ( just like rear wheel drive cars, you will need a lighter diff oil in the rear differential, and heavier diff oil in the mid and esp fronts. But in TamiyaMini4wd , there is no differential to setup your car like these. so, what do you do? You put on a dead weight, and measure your car using corner weight scale.

If your car is understeering ( less turning follwing a turn in the track; add more weight to the fronts as referring to the concept of Inertia in physics, more mass will add more momentum.)

If your car is oversteering ( more steering following a turn in the track ; reduce weight of the fronts, again this is based on the concept of Inertia in physics, )

It is very subjective to determine the best weight for every particular chassis: SII, SI, SX, SXX , AR,MA,MS, VS, SFM, FM, as different chassis and setup may vary accordingly.

But today you know the simple concept of a corner weight. As of me, be it for real race cars, r/c and tamiyamini4wd, I always love a well balance cars. With more power coming from the mid and rear with a lighter fronts.

If you have any queries and comments, please comment /pm us at our facebook. We will be glad to hear from your feedback.

It is always best to get a cross weight of 50% front right-rear left , Front left-Rear Right. There is a bit more detail on the cornerweight explanation such as diagonal static weight, crossweight, etc. But this article is to get you the most straight forward and basic of corner weight that can be and is applied to TamiyamMini4wd.

BigShots Sale 11th-19th June 2014

Hi Peeps. Well, its now 6 months had passed by since the start of the year. Which means we are exactly in the mid of year period. This time, we will be having our clearance Mi -Year Sale  starting from 11th - 19th of June next week.

The items which will be on sale includes:

1) TamiyaMini 4wd Items ( Cars & Parts) 

2) KATO Model Trains ( Starterpacks, accesories, etc)

3) Modelling tools, accesories and parts ( Rims, paints, thinner, sand papers, paint marker, etc)

4) Model Kits ( Yes, all model kits in our store!!! Battleships, Gundams, Cars & Bikes of Aoshima, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Ebbro, Dragon, etc)

5) Diecast ( Kyosho, Ebbro, Aoshima, etc)

6) R/C accesories and stuff (RGT parts, etc)

Sales, will be from 10-30% ans some 50-70% ( Mostly TamiyaMini4wd items)

So, why wait !!! Hurry up to BigBoysToys in PJ5 SOHO Kelana Jaya, and make your purchases today while stocks last !!!

For more info please call us up at 03-7805.1008.

BigBoysRacing TamiyaMini4wd Break -In Oil : New Label & Improved Formula for 2014

Well, we just recently came up with our new label for our Break-In Oil. Its called BigBoysRacing Torque Juice. In this new improved formula, the viscosity of the oil is lighter, thus not requiring the racers to  add in more of 'singer oil' or any other lubricants to reach its maximum peeak power of the motor.

We had some reviews, from most racers who had bought it, locally and as far from Brunei who sent us email on the feedback of the oil. Most of them is very satisfied with the end result of this Torque Juice.

Bear in mind this oil is main primary function is to properly break-in the motor thus that particular motor will reach its maximum torque peak power, and ensuring a stable consistent power through out the race.

Some racers, had mentioned that their motor power drop after using this oil, BUT, BEAR IN MIND to USE this oil with its complete PACKAGE with a proper steps in motor break-in. IF no proper step is followed as by per instruction then definitely you won't feel the effect of this charm oil of Torque Juice. 

Another item that is packaged up with this Torque Juice is the BigBoysRacing Power Fluids, the 1st step in breaking-in the motor before proceeding to Torque Juice.

Here is the picture of our BigBoysRacing PowerFluids & BigBoysRacing Torque Juice.

In one of the experiment, we managed to run a Light Dash Single Shaft motor. A light dash single shaft motor with its standard speed is normally 26kmh on the TamiyaMini4wd speedchecker. But after break-in with this Power Fluids, and Torque Juice, We managed to get the motor speed increase to 35KMH!!!! That is nearly 10kmh difference just using a Panasonic Evolta Alkaline Batteries!!!

Motor break -in is advisable to not always run in / break-in at very frequent times, as every motor has its lifespan. We reckon the motor to be break in especially a new motor new from the packaging. And perhaps a second time after 4 race times, of 1 race consisting of 30-45 minutes-in -track-time. Yes, most race engine is measured in hour and not in mileage. This applies to real race cars too. So thus, break in is advisable to be done after 120 minutes of race time. This is measured and done when we did our experiment on testing a lifespan of a motor that its power is mostly at its peak. 

That is why sometimes, some racers had encounter a bad experience of a sudden engine power drop during tandem battle. Remember just like real cars, our tamiya mini4wd too, has its life span and needs servicing and breaking in of the motor. take the break-in and cleaning process as the torque overhaul of the motor. 

Here are the instructions of our method of breaking in a new motor:

1) Soak the motor in the power fluids for 15 minutes with a full charge 1.5 v alkaline batteries/rechargeable while the motor runs, soak the engine for 30 minutes. 

2) To properly keep safe the motor, use a Infrared temperature gauge to check the motor temperature while run-in and soak in the power fluid. 

3) The best engine temp to be achieved by end of the 10-15minutes while soaking the motor in Power fluids is 26-29deg Celsius. 

4) Take off the motor off the from the Power Fluids container. 

5) Wipe off and blow dry the motor until it is dry.

6) If using an alkaline battery, ensure new batteries is use. Put 4 pcs of 1.5v alkaline batteries= 6v 

7) While using the battery adaptor and power out to the motor, Put 4-5 drop of Torque Juice in the motor from the back part of the motor ( the part of motor cover that has color to indicates type of motor) 

8) Run the motor for 5 minutes. 

9) After 5minutes, drop in another 4-5 drop and repeat the same step above. Ensure to use a stable battery voltage. Since if you are using an Alkaline Batteries we reckon you to change to new battery in 2nd interval.

10) After another 5 minutes. (Here is the 15th minutes) repeat the same step as before. ( use new batteries and pour 4-5 drops again.

11) Wipe off the motor. 

12) Spray a Cleaner to cleanse off the dirt of metal sludge from the motor. 

* We reckon Qplus Brake Cleaner/ Motul Parts Clean 

13) After all dirt from motor is washed away, then its nearly done.

14) Pour BigBoysRacing Power Lube for the final step of Lubrication for the Torquiest Peak of your motor!!!

15) Your engine is RACE READY !!!

Attached below is the one of the feedback we received from a racer in Brunei , who had purchased this oil and sent us an email on the feedback of the oil. 

The print screen of the email and also his winning cars by just using this oil in Super Speed Arched Tires Category.