AKD? Proper setup of your race car TamiyaMini4wd .

Tamiya Mini 4wd car setup. So you have played TamiyaMini4wd for how many years ? 2? 3? 5? 10 years?
Well, since the start of our business nearly 3 years ago in TamiyaMini4wd. We have seen plenty of different car setups depending on the type of race- semi tech, semi speed, speed, and Italian. Different layout and type of racing requires different setup for the car to perform accordingly to the track.

The most played races in town now is semi speed. With many people using hanging dampers, and most now calls it AKD setup which originated from a tamiya mini 4wd enthusiast in Japan. Few years ago when I first saw the setup of AKD was from a guy called Farouk, a former president of TamiyaLoversClub Malaysia, TLC. The setup of using AKD, which consisting of rear full reinforcement with all the frp of minimum 2 mm, small diameter hg rims, with trim tires, full 830 bearings on the rear and front is using either 830 bearing and another side of lightweight double rollers 8-9mm with a chassis of carbon to hold the car has proven to be furiously fast and steady on the semi speed track.

The fundamentals of the car to perform vigorously like the one above is due to the 830 bearing being small and faster duration due to low friction in the track, a carbon chassis that is rigid enough to withstand the body flex make its superior to be track warrior, of most ly top qualifiers. Small dia HG rims makes it strong enough to withstand shock after a jump and lower center of gravity and ground clearance from the chassis to the ground makes it very stable.

Floating gears, in the gears, makes the car less power loss. Its like using a racing clutch of 3/6 puck where power transmission loss is reduce . Proper screwing of screws makes it less vibration.

Imagine the whole car of this 1/32 scale, less vibration, proper damping ( yes, set the screw for the dampers high enough so there are free plays for the dampers to take place and increasing the damping) since the mini4wd cars doesn't even have a shock absorber, thus the dampers plays an important role.

Next is a properly tuned / break in of motor makes a proper AKD car at its finest. Pushing the speed of the car and proper setup of the car ( balance , rigid thus less body roll, and solid reinforcement ) makes the car ats its best. Most of the car as example of BigBoysJawahir AKD SII car makes it a top gun in the track pushing for Top Qualifer in most of the races. But as observe, the best engine is still can be said as Power Dash motor as the speed is not crazily as fast as Sprint Dash but fast enough to win races.

But I saw few weaknesses of AKD cars, especially in semi technical layout. Where less straights are available. So what do you do when you play a semitech track? I would reckon of just these 3 simple changes to be made every time you race a TamiyaMini4wd race :

(i) Gear Ratio  -> from a high speed ratio to maybe perhaps 4:1 gear ratio
(ii)Engine         -> If you  so used to power dash try change to Light Dash or perhaps Rev Tuned since the track is a semi tech track.
(iii) Dampers    -> Semitech track requires a lot of braking and a good damping system to slow the car down with less straights, and jumping off slopes or single jumps of 1/2 straights before a corner.

So what's your favourite type for a car setup? The writer goes for a simple setup . Simple. But perform . Not too radical but does its job well. Every car, can perform at its best. All rollers, 830/9/11/13/17/19mm are all good enough for races. All does the job well. But behind the type of rollers, lies, pros and cons to the type of rollers too. But the main basic ingredient of a good race car is for its to be :

(i) Lightweight - lightweight cars has a tendency to go faster, and to do a late braking because of less momentum pushing forward. That is why real race cars is made to be very lightweight.

(ii) Rigid - Every chassis has a different characteristics. But the main thing is to get the car rigid and solid for less chassis flex / body roll.

(iii) Has good braking system. - yes your frp brakes, or the underguard as brakes is very vital in the car setup. Ensure your brakes are balance and grip the track on slopes or single jumps

(iv) Damping - ensure that you car has enough clerance for the damper to do their job . Either less or more clearance for the damper to play up and down.

(v) Wheel Selection- most like it super hard tires. I wonder why tho (hmm.. actually I know why) but then again, in racing Traction is Gold Element. Why go for less traction when traction is the main ingredient to race and gain faster laptime? But, a good solid wheels like carbon wheels or HG are highly recomended. You can still use the normal abs resin kind of wheels, but remember, every thing has its wear and tear, and wheels and tires too will wear out after certain time of running hours on the track.

Floating gears, lightened flywheels, 620's  gears, hanging dampers are all additional benefits, but if you look onto what up there mentioned, you are in your first step to create a proper race car that is simple yet does its job well. We don't like the idea of making the cars too complex, that the fundamentals to automotive physics are left forgotten. Its like the gold are just right in front of you, but you've lookout to miles for a gold with your binocular. Get the fundamentals , get it right, try it, trial run it, and thus you will know what kind of setup that you like and best suits you with what you have in those tool box of yours.



BigBoysRacing ( TamiyaMini4wd Division ) 2014.

Hey peeps. Well, most of you know that we have a our race division of BigBoysRacing . And yea, we have a division of Tamiya Mini 4wd teams. Let us share and present to you our band of brothers in the race team, BigBoysRacing.

1. Jawahir
Chassis : Super II & MS
Best for : Top Qualifier & Podium Finisher
Podium FInishes: Well.... We cant remember as its too many . Hahaha.
Known famous for   :  His AKD setup with small HG rims, TQ ,

2. Amir Nazmi
Chassis  : MS
Best for  : Top Qualifier & Best 8 ( yes rating are made with his record of racing for past 2 years)
Podium Finishes : Just like Jawahir, Amir mostly finishes in Top 8 of races if even he doesn't finish on podium tho
Known for        : Hanging Damper MS Chassis , His Smiley.. hehehe

3. Haziq
Chassis : TZ/X & SII
Best for : Very smooth finishes on cars and everything that he touches.
Podium Finishes : Well... hmmm... none so far for 2014 .
Known for  : His obsession for TZ/X chassis. He has 3-4 tamiya mini4wd race cars of TZX Chasiss,

4. Hafiz Panda
Chassis : SII & SXX & AR
Best for : Pushing the speed of cars.
Podium Finishes : As of the year 2014, few fun race at SpeedHouz, and... hmm.. none for bigger races yet. But he finished loads on podiums in 2013 .
Known for  : His nickname Panda. The guys who always cleanses the motor.

5. Ehsan
Chassis  : SII
Best for  :
Podium Finishes : n/a
Known for         : His PR

6. Iwan
Chassis : SII & MS
Best for :
Podium Finishes : n/a
Known for  : his cap that he used to wear on every races even fun race - 'KERAMAT"

7. Kassim
Chassis : SII
Best for : Top Qualifier & Podium Finisher
Podium Finishes : In 2014, Kassim had finished 3rd in 5 lane race 3rd out of 350 participants, few fun races, TQ,
Known for  : his simplicity of car setup. Trademark will be his Arched Tire that he'd won races , handful of luck in races

8. Muhsin
Chassis : SII
Best For : Best 8
Podium Finishes : In 2014, the recent podium was Mizzion Tamiya race at Tropicana mall, and few BBT fun races.
Known for : SII AKD, Medium dia tires

9. BOB
Chassis : MS
Best for : Best 8
Podiums finishes : As of April 2014 none podium finishes for Bob as he is busy with his real race cars and fishing trips
Known for : His cool head, His size definately yo

10. Akid Dameer
Chassis  : AR
Best for  : AR hanging dameper
Podium Finsihes : quite a number in 2013. Plenty waiting in 2014
Known for  : the only 'budak kecik 'in the team. Share e same smiles as Amir , The boy who sleeps at races, esp night race... yea yea.. budak kecik..

11. Boy
Chassis : SI
Best for : Ol skool chassis
Podiums : Quite a number in 2013. All is aiming for 2014 now
Known for : the father to the budak kecik in the team, needs to leave the race early due to work :P

Chassis : Always AR & AR & AR
Best for : AR Chassis Top Gun
Podiums : Hmm.... you have to ask him
Known for : His Obsession of AR Chassis.. and ONLY AR Chassis  & more AR...

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KATO Model Trains Malaysia


Hi guys, we now at BigBoysToysMalaysia , carries extensive wide parts and products of KATO Model trains for all the railroad modellers need in Malaysia. Feel free to come by our showroom in Kelana Jaya, or inquire with us on what parts that are available or we can help you to source it for u. Most of the scale brought in are N-Scale products. Most of the pricing are very reasonbale , come and view our pricing and let us know what you think. Definately cheaper compared to the continentals, model trains is for everyone to enjoy,and not just for the @#$% people yea. 

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1959 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series I by Pinin Farina

To be auctioned on Saturday, May 10, 2014

€4.000.000 - €5.000.000

240 bhp, 2,953 cc SOHC V-12 engine with triple Weber 36 DCL/3 carburettors, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with unequal length A-arms and coil springs, live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs and parallel trailing arms, and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 2,600 mm

  • The 1959 New York International Auto Show car
  • The 36th of 40 built; the final factory covered-headlamp car
  • Built on the superior 508D chassis
  • Formerly owned by Bob Grossman, William McKelvy, and Glenn Mounger
  • Ferrari Classiche certified as a matching-numbers example
  • Former Cavallino cover car

The Pinin Farina-bodied cabriolet that Ferrari introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1957 was not only a triumph in design, with its elegant rear haunches, covered headlamps, and long centrally ventilated bonnet, but it was also the car that marked an auspicious milestone in Maranello history as the company’s first series-produced open-top model. Whilst the first four examples were essentially prototypes that visibly varied, sometimes referred to as the Pinin Farina Spiders, the next thirty-six cars were far more uniform in design. However, despite being the first series-built Ferrari convertible, many experts still consider the Series I Cabriolets to be virtual one-offs, as they were constructed in Pinin Farina’s custom shop rather than on the coachbuilder’s factory floor. Each varied significantly enough from example to example to support such a contention.

In total, only 40 examples of the Series I Pinin Farina Cabriolet were built before the model gave way to a mid-1959 redesign that was intended to further differentiate the Cabriolet from the California Spider. Shortly before the brief run of first-series Cabriolets came to end, the cars benefited from the introduction of a stronger and much stiffer chassis that simultaneously came into use with the rare competition 250 TdFs. These new chassis were also utilised on the 250 GT LWB California Spiders. Ever a work in development, Ferrari’s V-12 road car chassis was now dubbed the Tipo 508D, succeeding the 508B and 508C.

This Ferrari, chassis 1181 GT, was the 36th of 40 Series I PF Cabriolets built, and it is the very last to feature covered headlamps. It was built with the stronger 508D chassis and equipped with the latest version of Gioacchino Columbo’s short-block engine design, the 128D (prized for its twin rear-mounted Marelli distributors), which gave this car the same exquisite handling as the later 250 California Spiders. This car entered Pinin Farina’s custom shop for body work on 28 November 1958, and it was completed on 12 March 1959. Whilst at the hands of Pinin Farina’s renowned craftsmen, the Cabriolet was finished in traditional Rosso Corsa and appointed with a less than traditional white Connolly leather interior, resulting in a striking colour combination.

Two days later, the car was shipped to New York City for display on Ferrari’s stand at the third International Automobile Show at New York’s Coliseum, where it shared the platform with a California Spider and a 250 Testa Rossa, as indelibly depicted in the 1959 Ferrari Yearbook. Following the auto show, 1181 GT was delivered to Luigi Chinetti Jr., and a copy of the original factory order sheet confirms his guarantee of delivery on 11 September 1959.

The Cabriolet was then sold in 1960 to preferred Ferrari customer William McKelvy, the famed principal of the Scuderia Bear team (and also the buyer of the first 250 GTO, chassis number 3223). It was returned to Chinetti Motors a year later and then sold to Bob Grossman, the well-known New York-based dealer, Briggs Cunningham team driver, and two-time SCCA champion who helped propel the California Spider to stardom. In 1965, the Cabriolet was purchased from Grossman by Baltimore, Maryland, resident John Freund, who traded in a 1957 Jaguar XK140 MC as part of his payment.

Mr Freund, who would soon join the FCA (as demonstrated by an original 1969 application), retained possession of the car for over 20 years and personally conducted much of the car’s servicing and maintenance. Following his passing, around 1980, the Ferrari was sold by his widow to a Mr White, who in turn sold the car to Norman Wolgin. At the time, the Cabriolet was reportedly still finished in its original factory-equipped paint and cosmetic trim, and it displayed just 34,000 original miles.

Chassis 1181 GT was subsequently offered by dealer Marc Tauber and purchased in October 1987 by respected marque enthusiast William Kontes. During his period of ownership, the car was extensively restored and refinished in a deep coat of black paint, with an interior of red leather and black carpets. In this distinctive livery, the beautiful Ferrari was featured on the cover of the December 1991/January 1992 issue of Cavallino magazine, as the subject of a story about the Series I Cabriolet model, which was written by noted automotive writer Ken Gross.

In late 1997, the well-maintained 250 GT was acquired by a respected enthusiast and past chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Glenn Mounger, of Bainbridge Island, Washington. Mr Mounger campaigned the Cabriolet numerous times on the prestigious Colorado Grand, during which his co-pilots included his wife and daughters, as well as noted collectors Knox Kershaw and Ken Waltrip. Having driven his PF Cabriolet Series I on the tour for nearly every year he owned it, Mounger was proudly named the Prime Motoring Fool in 2008, which was a sure sign that he truly enjoyed every minute behind the wheel. When recently asked about his experience with 1181 GT, Mr Mounger happily expressed that the Ferrari was “by far my favourite car I’ve ever owned. It really was a fantastic car …nimble, responsive, a real pleasure to drive”.

In 2010, the Series I Cabriolet was acquired by Mr Steve Adler, who continued to show off the car at several concours, as well as take his turn behind the wheel on the Colorado Grand in 2010. This exquisite Ferrari was then acquired by the consignor, a discerning collector based in Great Britain who, seeking to shore up the 250 GT’s documentation, applied for Ferrari Classiche certification. The desirable Red Book was issued on 11 September 2013, sixty-four years to the day after the car’s original guaranteed date of delivery. The Certification of Authenticity importantly confirms that 1181 GT retains its original Colombo V-12 motor, gearbox, suspension, and bodywork.

Chassis 1181 GT was recently repainted in an elegant shade of dark blue and benefits from a re-trimmed interior. It is a rare and arresting early example of the harmonious design and race-bred engineering that informed the collaboration between Ferrari and Pinin Farina. The car is particularly notable as it was the last Series I Cabriolet to feature the esteemed covered headlamps and it was an official New York Auto Show car that was owned by two luminaries in sports car racing, William McKelvy and Bob Grossman.

This 250 GT has been certified by Ferrari Classiche to be a matching-numbers and factory-correct example, and it would make a strong contender at international concours d’elegance like Pebble Beach or Villa d’Este, as well as an ideal complement to any gathering of early Ferrari road cars. This outstanding paragon of Ferrari’s convertible development currently displays approximately 50,583 miles, which are believed to be original, inviting future ownership to enjoy the benefits of the updated 508D chassis and 128D engine.

Without equivocation, 1181 GT is a highly desirable exemplar of Ferrari’s early open-top grand touring production and is worthy of the finest world-class collections.

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FEMCA 2013 Beijing China.

VJ Mia on BigBoysTamiyaMini4wd race in Spectrum Mall Ampang .

VJ Mia, at BigBoysTamiyaMini4wd race in Spectrum Mall Ampang on 20th of March 2014.

It was a semitech layout. With race queens, racers, enjoyed but cracking the head to get a time on this layout .

How to create double layer FRP brakes .

In this video , BigBoysHaziq will show us off on how to create a double layer FRP brakes, with the easiest way to cut the FRP off. Enjoy

Crazy TamiyaMini4wd : Jump Off 1st floor

Another day of craziness. We and the boys decided to put a plenty of 25 straights, going up a bank, 3 more straights and here we are, the car, is OFF from the first storey of the building. What happens actually?
We have our boys downstairs with boxes to catch the up just like baseball. Hehe. It was fun. 

How to break in engine ? Well this is one of the idea.

Hey guys, there are a lot of people who call us up, priveate message us in fb pages, even email us sometime all the way from out of Malaysia, looking for the knowledge of engine break-in of TamiyaMini4wd motors.

Well, there is one weekend at SOHO Kelana Jaya that we've decided to share with you guys this technique of engine break-in. Its very suitable for people with crazy minded. Or,perhaps, love the fantasy of being small kids and love water.Hahaha.

Well, its just for entertainment purposes Only. Its one of the weekend that these boys feels like doing something crazy.

Cheers. We will share the knowledge of a proper break in of engine. In next few post allrite.

Getting to know a few of of #BigBoysRacing members

Hey guys. Its been a while since we've last updated the blog. Well. Its been a very very busy past ew months and upcoming months all year long.

This video was done in our office showroom in SOHO, comprising Amir, Jawahir, Boy-Akid, and Hafiz Aris.

Well we should put less text here and you guys should enjoy the show yo.

#P/S : We love the music selection . <3

BigBoysTM4WD Championship 2014 Round 1

BigBoysTM4WD Championship 2014 Round 1. Semi Speed.Participating teams among them were SpeedHouz Geng Tamiya AngkuhFJ Hobby Shop . luckily it was indoor as the weather outside on this event were terrible with the Haze & Heat. 
Location : Giant Kelana Jaya 
Race Queens : Farah & Mia.